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Updated: Apr 3, 2020

JBDA deliver classes for students from age 4 to 25yrs old. Our dance styles are: Street, Modern, contemporary, African, Caribbean and themed dances

Jet Black Dance Academy at this present moment has approximately 30+ regular students and are growing in numbers daily. Our dance teachers are versatile and have a number of different skills and talents.

Our school has a dance grading system that is in place to inspires, assist and encourages our students to progress in dance and become teachers themselves.

Jet Black has taken part in different dance competitions, such as soar British Street Dance, talent shows, Caribbean carnivals and we do a lot of performances for the community. Our performances have taken us too many different places locally and internationally; Coventry, Leeds, Birmingham Stoke-on-Trent, Amsterdam just to mention a few.

JBDA has recently started a Dancefit class for adults which is targeting healthy well-being and also can assist bridging the generation gap.

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